Following the company’s values, our product development is focused on offering to the market the solutions to provide the best performance and value to our customers. Currently, we are focused on the development of an innovative product - BET - Bactera Eco-Technology.

The BET - Bacteria Eco-Technology system is a new biotechnology-based solution for a more efficient treatment of industrial effluents, with lower implementation and operation costs.


Based on microbial fuel cell technology, the BET system uses microorganisms to treat industrial wastewater while generating electrical energy which can be used directly, without conversion or gas storage.


The BET system is adaptable to all industrial wastewater and may be implemented as a single processing system or coupled to an existing wastewater treatment facility.


The main advantages of this system are the reduced sludge production and the wide range of operating conditions, such as concentration of salts and other analytes, including heavy or high value metals (chromium, nickel, silver, etc.), pH, organic content and temperature.


In the case where the BET system is coupled to existing wastewater treatment facility, they will contribute to an increase in the treatment efficiency, reducing the number of treatment cycles and power consumption.


We propose a three-step service for the implementation of BET:


1. A preliminary study phase of the customer's specific needs, where the best application of BET technology is proposed, including potential environmental and economic benefits and implementation costs;


2. Implementation of the devices BET, based on the needs identified in the previous step;


3. Maintenance of the implemented system, with control and monitoring to ensure the BET device efficiency.



We also offer support to our prospect clients in applications for funding to implement the BET system. More information.


We also provide training services to the teams designated by the client for handling BET system. More information.

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